Management Games  

An activity on Management Games was organized by the MMS students of Semester-III (Batch 2021-23) on 10th December 2022, for welcoming the new batch of MMS 2022-2024 in the TIMSR campus. The activities were divided into Indoor and Outdoor activities. Indoor activities included games like Pictionary, Re-branding, etc. The outdoor games included Tug of War and Blind Caterpillar. The event was conducted under the guidance of the faculty members.

During the event, the students were divided into teams for all games and the winners were announced at the end of each game. The decorum of the class and outdoor ground was maintained throughout the activity. The games enabled the students to come up with answers spontaneously, and enabled group interaction, strategizing and planning during the game. Overall, the activity was well-conducted and executed by the students in a very efficient way.